Cheryl Haworth currently lives in Savannah, GA. close to her family and takes every opportunity to visit her sisters who serve in the United States Coast Guard. Cheryl works at her alma mater, the Savannah College of Art and Design. She travels throughout the country recruiting students to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees in art and design, with art still being a passion of her own. Cheryl herself hopes enroll in graduate school in the near future. Though finding little time to workout while maintaining a rigorous travel schedule, Haworth still takes advantage of any opportunity to do Olympic Weightlifting and trains with her Olympic and Crossfit coach, Don McCauley. Cheryl relishes any invitation she gets to share her experiences with any individual willing to listen; she enjoys the discussion of weightlifting philosophy and technique to promote healthy, strong and active lifestyles, especially among women. In addition to all these things, Cheryl, though officially ‘retired’ from weightlifting particularly enjoys mentioning that her Olympic career may not yet be over.


Cara Heads enjoyed a successful 18-year career as a weightlifter, earning 8 national championship titles, setting 2 American records, and representing the United States at 5 world championships. Cara is a 2000 Olympian and became the first and only African-American female to represent the U.S. in the Olympics in women’s weightlifting.  Today, Cara runs CH Fitness and Performance, a personal fitness training and athletic performance company with operations in the DC metro area and in Southern California.